The Tennessee Family: An Allegory In One Act

This is a really good play. I hereby give anyone who wants to perform it the rights to do so FOR FREE. It’s just that important.

Interior, a dining room. It’s the holidays. Two siblings, NASHVILLE and MEMPHIS sit across from each other. PARENT sits at the head of the table, between them.

NASHVILLE: You are so stupid!

MEMPHIS: You’re stupider!

NASHVILLE: No, you are!

MEMPHIS: I hate you!

PARENT: Hey, can you two stop fighting and remember we are all part of the same family. We should work together, not tear each other apart! That’s why your sister Knoxville didn’t even come this year!

MEMPHIS: Gosh. You’re right!

NASHVILLE: Wow. I hadn’t thought of it that way.

MEMPHIS: I think we’ve all learned something today!

NASHVILLE: We sure have.

(MEMPHIS and NASHVILLE embrace).

PARENT: Now, who wants turkey?

MEMPHIS and NASHViLLE (together): I do!

PARENT: See, you can agree!

Everyone laughs and laughs. End scene.

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