Indiana Jones and the Temple of Crafts


Here’s a very brief sample scene from my spec script of the next Indiana Jones film. This is NOT fan fiction. Because, I mean, what am I, some kind of loser?*

Interior. Store. Day

INDIANA JONES faces JACK HOBBY, who is unboxing a crate of Iraqi artifacts.


Those pieces belong in museum!


That is precisely the plan, Doctor Jones. I was going to put them in a museum.


Well, I meant, like a real museum. Not your museum. Come on. Also, I don’t care for your stores. Too big and confusing, you know? And honestly, who is THAT into scrapbooking?

Suddenly, a giant boulder rolls down the aisle, causing Indy to have to flee, just as he grabs a cuneiform tablet. Then he hits a guy with a whip. Music swells up. That cool music. Not the Marion’s Theme or some junk like that. End scene. End movie. I retire rich and beloved by all!

A cuneiform tablet that relays a lengthy story involving a scorpion, a frog, a woven basket, and a man who cannot distinguish oxen from fish.

* I am not!