Foley’s Night Out

We have launched a new podcast network…The Howling Monkey Radio Network.  Catchy title, eh?

In addition to The Howling Monkey Reads The Comics, we’ve also added a new show…The Howling Monkey Radio Theater.  Here’s our first program….Foley’s Night Out. We hope you enjoy it!




Martin Barnett – Baxter

Renee Davis Brame – Jingle Singer

Danielle Carr – Rachel O’Dare

Mike Degnan – Sid

Austin King – Writer (Premise)

Joe Leibovich  – Writer – Director -Nick Foley

Nick Phillips – Commercial Actor

Michael Rowe – Damien

Chuck Sullivan – Gus

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Crafts


Here’s a very brief sample scene from my spec script of the next Indiana Jones film. This is NOT fan fiction. Because, I mean, what am I, some kind of loser?*

Interior. Store. Day

INDIANA JONES faces JACK HOBBY, who is unboxing a crate of Iraqi artifacts.


Those pieces belong in museum!


That is precisely the plan, Doctor Jones. I was going to put them in a museum.


Well, I meant, like a real museum. Not your museum. Come on. Also, I don’t care for your stores. Too big and confusing, you know? And honestly, who is THAT into scrapbooking?

Suddenly, a giant boulder rolls down the aisle, causing Indy to have to flee, just as he grabs a cuneiform tablet. Then he hits a guy with a whip. Music swells up. That cool music. Not the Marion’s Theme or some junk like that. End scene. End movie. I retire rich and beloved by all!

A cuneiform tablet that relays a lengthy story involving a scorpion, a frog, a woven basket, and a man who cannot distinguish oxen from fish.

* I am not!

The Howling Monkey Reads The Comics 6/4/17

Howling Monkey Reads The ComicsWe explain why the comics are funny!

In this week’s episode,  tales of anesthesia, granny’s ailments, marital woes in the desert, and words of alleged wisdom!

All that, and more, in this edition of The Howling Monkey Reads The Comics!